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Dhanualti Camping Package

Dhanaulti is a small town close to Mussoorie in Uttarakhand. It is a very beautiful hill station at an elevation of 2286metres above sea level. It is situated in the foothills of the Garhwal Himalayan range located 30km from the hill station of Mussoorie. Dhanaulti is located on the important tourist circuit of Landour, Mussoorie Kanatal, Chambord New Tehri. The town is covered with variety of Rhododendron, deodar and tall oak forests.

Dhanaulti is still untouched from the crowd and maintains a quiet and beautiful place to visit.

Dhanaulti is a paradise for the tourist who wants to spend some days in quite place and wants privacy in the hills away from the hustle bustle of the crowded city life. Its pristine beauty will rejuvenate your mind, soul and body. Now Mussoorie is becoming overcrowded, so many tourists love to explore Dhanaulti.

The pleasant environment and tempting weather of Dhanaulti allure many tourists to visits this place and explore the beauty of Garhwal hills. Dhanaulti is the base point for several treks which takes you on the adventurous trekking to the benevolent Himalayas.


Alpine Camps in Dhanaulti

Discover the best alpine camp in Dhanaulti for scenic beauty and thrilling adventures.

1.Standard Accommodation
2. Three Meals
3. Evening Snackes
4. Power Backup
5. Swimming Pool
6. Dance Music
7. Bonfire / Campfire
8. Parking

Rs. 999/- per person

Luxury camp in Dhanaulti

Explore a luxurious camp in Dhanaulti, blending opulence with nature's beauty and adventure.

1.Deluxe Accommodation
2. Three Meals
3. Evening Snacks
4. River
5. Power Backup
6. Swimming Pool
7. Dance Music
8. Bonfire / Campfire
9. Parking

Rs. 1399/- per person

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Ultra Luxury camp in Dhanaulti

Indulge in unparalleled opulence at our ultra-luxury camp in Dhanaulti, a sublime retreat.

1. Luxury Accommodation
2. Three Meals
3. Evening Snackes
4. Attached Washroom
5. Power Backup
6. Swimming Pool
7. Dance Music
8. Bonfire / Campfire
9. Parking

Rs. 1999/- per person

Temperature and weather in Dhanaulti

January: The maximum temperature in Dhanaulti is 11 degrees and the minimum is 1 degrees. There is a possibility of snowfall.

February: The maximum temperature in this month is 12 degrees while the minimum temperature is 2 degrees.

March: Dhanaulti’s weather in March is pleasant and clear. The minimum and maximum temperature is 5 and 17 respectively.

April: The minimum and maximum temperature is 11 and 23 respectively.

May: Dhanaulti’s weather is sunny and clear. The minimum and maximum temperature is 13 and 30 degrees.

June: June weather is sunny and clear. The minimum and maximum temperature is 13 and 26 degrees.

July: Dhanaulti weather in July is heavy rains.

August: The weather is cloudy and rainy.

September: Weather is cloudy and pleasant. This month, the temperature is between 12 and 22 degrees Fahrenheit.

October: The minimum and maximum temperature is 8 and 19 respectively.

November: The weather is pleasant and clear. The temperature is between 5 and 17 degrees Fahrenheit.

December: Chances of snowfall are high in this month. December temperatures are 3 and 13 degrees.

How to reach Dhanaulti

The road leading to Dhanaulti is well constructed. Dehradun is 60 kilometers away from the closest railway station.

The other alternative is Rishikesh Railway Station. Both have a good railway network. For air, Jolly Grant Airport.


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Price for Camping

Standard Package: INR 1,500 per person per night.

Deluxe Package: INR 2,500 per person per night, includes additional amenities such as luxury tents with beds, attached washroom, and personalized activities.

A convenient location for both relaxation and adventure, our camps offer panoramic views of the snow-capped peaks. Enjoy multiple activities, including trekking, rock climbing, and zip-lining, or simply unwind by the campfire under the starlit sky


Experience excellent camping with HillwayTravels. Imagine yourself beneath the mesmerizing blanket of stars and immerse yourself in the beauty of nature. As a result, you will be able to experience the Dhanaulti landscapes, where the only sound is the sound of wind and crackling of campfires. Let the Dhanaulti camping spots take you away from the hustle and bustle of the crowded city, where every moment will become a celebration for you. Hillway Travels provide various camping packages for Rishikesh. Contact us for more information 


This is the package of scenic beauty and thrilling adventures including:

  1. Standard accommodation

  2. Three meals

  3. Evening snacks

  4. Power backup

  5. Swimming pool

  6. Dance

  7. Music

  8. Bonfire

  9. Parking


  1. Located in Dhanaulti, it is a luxurious camp with the beauty and adventure of nature. This package includes:

  2. Deluxe Accommodation

  3. Three Meals

  4. Evening Snacks

  5. River

  6. Power backup

  7. Swimming Pool

  8. Dance and Music

  9. Campfire

  10. Parking


As part of this package, you will receive an ultra luxury camp in Dhanaulti, a sublime retreat that offers the following amenities:

  • Luxury Accommodation

  • Three Meals

  • Evening snacks

  • Attached washroom

  • PowerbBackup

  • Swimming pool

  • Campfire

  • Parking



There are 51 Shakti peeths located throughout the Indian subcontinent, and this temple is dedicated to the goddess Surkanda. It is located approximately 8 kilometers from Dhanaulti. Shaktipeeths are sacred sites where women are worshipped and the feminine goddess resides.


At an elevation of 2,286 meters above sea level, it is a popular tourist destination in the town of Dhanaulti. There is a diverse range of flora and fauna in the park, including deodar trees, rhododendrons, oak trees, and a variety of bird species. A few Himalayan animals can be found in this park, such as Himalayan Black Bears, Leopards, and Langoors. Among the activities that visitors can enjoy are Burma Bridge, Flying Fox, Commando Net, and Sky Walk. There is also a small children’s park with swings and slides in this park. A cafeteria at Eco Park serves snacks and beverages, making it an ideal place to relax. There is no entry fee.


Dhanaulti Park has many exciting places to visit. In addition to rappelling, zip lining, skywalking, rock climbing, zip swinging, and valley crossing, it offers many other adventurous activities. It also offers overnight camping.


Another popular attraction in Dhanaulti was built in the 16th century. There are many beautiful places in this fort, as well as several Urals. In and around this area, there are a number of Jaon temples.


This is one of the nature walks in the nature reserve. Visitors will be able to learn about the wildlife signs and identify common birds, flowers, trees, mushrooms, and butterflies on the trails. Additionally, visitors will have the opportunity to view real-time photos of wild life captured by cameras. Among these scenic views are spectacular views of the snow-covered Himalayas, dense forest trails, and flower-filled meadows.


The resort is surrounded by a multitude of fields that grow a variety of quality apples such as Golden Delicious, Early Sunberry, Red Delicious, and Royal Delicious. Here, one can enjoy walking through the orchard and purchasing fresh apples.


Thangdhar is an outstanding campsite located at an elevation of 2530 meters approximately 14 kilometers from Dhanaulti. On reaching the peak, trekkers experience a sense of bliss as they take in the spectacular views of the Himalayas. Snow camping, mountain climbing, and biking activities were organized by this camp.



Dhanaulti is 23 km from Mussoorie and home to Camp Awara. This is an adventure camping site with a large area of about 1.25 hectares. Tents are available in a variety of categories. There are 19 Deluxe Cos, four Swiss tents, and two safari tents with bathrooms attached. Starting price for this is ₹2000 per person including breakfast and dinner.


There is a river running alongside the property, which is surrounded by mountains. It offers one of the best camping experiences in Dhanaulti. Your stay will be made more comfortable by the well-trained and responsible staff. Streams of water can be heard at any time. Starting price ₹2000 per person including meals and campfire.


Dhanaulti’s Camp o Royale is one of the best camping sites. There are 21 luxury Swiss camps and six deluxe camps with attached bathrooms. It starts from ₹4000 per person and visitors can enjoy adventurous activities like rock climbing, valley crossing rappelling and more. Meals are included, as are rock climbing and rappelling activities.


 There is no better place to stay in this region than Whispering Pines. There is everything a nature lover could wish for in this place. Visitors to this place will never forget the experience and will return again and again. There are affordable tents and cottages available there. There is a lot of delicious food served here. It costs around ₹6000 per person for one night.



In this adventure activity, you will walk on a 360-foot single wire rope at a height of 120 feet. Dhanaulti offers this activity for you to try.


This is the longest hanging bridge in India and is constructed with wire ropes and bamboos with a length of 300 feet and a height of 80 feet. While crossing it, you will be tied to the harness as it shakes.


By using pulleys, you must cross the valley by pulling your own hand. It is expected to be a challenging sport for all participants. There is a wide variety of heights, but the usual height is 110 feet.


Nowadays, zip lines are very popular. After zipping on wire rope, you’ll need to swing high at 80 feet in the middle.


Every trekker loves trekking. There are a number of treks nearby, such as Lal Tibba and Gun Hill, in Dhanaulti.


Climbing the rocks takes you to another level of adventure which are 70 to 80 ft tall. It is both a demanding and decisive.



CONTACT NUMBER:  7417231433

support @hillwaytravels.com


There are no malls in this small town. The village of Dhanaulti is renowned for its weaving and there are many small shops where you can buy souvenirs. Mussoorie is also a good place to shop. Handwoven shawls and scarves are available. It is famous for buying Eri silk and Pashmina. Handicrafts and artefacts from the Himalayas can also be used as home decor and as gifts.


Almost all north and south Indian dishes are served here along with Chinese food items like noodles and momos as well. There are many small restaurants and eateries in the town.


SUMMERS: In the summer, the nights are below 10 degrees so when packing, tuck in some light sweaters and jackets for your destination

RAINY SEASON: Dhanaulti experiences heavy rainfall during the monsoon season that begins in July and lasts till September, so wear comfortable shoes and a raincoat to stay safe.

WINTERS: During winter, you should carry heavy jackets to keep you warm in the cold weather. Carry high-rise Woolley socks and winter boots to keep you warm.


  1. Check the weather forecast and road conditions before you leave.

  2. Carry first aid kit with you in case of emergency.

  3. Respect the culture and traditions of the place you are traveling.

  4. Carry enough cash with you as ATM can be difficult to find somewhere.

  5. Avoid littering and keep the environment clean.

  6. Carry a map or GPS DEVICE to stay.

  7. Take small steps while walking in the mountains.

Most of the places to visit in Dhanaulti will need you to walk along. Dress appropriately and wear comfortable, sturdy shoes. Carry ID proofs, power bank, camera and cash. Get started on your tour to places to visit early in the morning to cover more places before nightfall. Carry some woolen since Dhanaulti weather tends to be school even during summers. This is a beautiful destination, and you will enjoy sightseeing  at the places to visit in Dhanaulti if you travel and travel in


What Clients Say

The rooms were clean, very comfortable, and the staff was amazing. Hillwaytravels staff went over and beyond to help make our stay enjoyable. I highly recommend this camp in Shivpuri to everyone.


Delhi NCR

Hillwaytravels made my vacation full of joy. Location, staff, cleanliness, food, everything is fabulous. Property is beautiful, decorated, and evenings are magical. Keep it up guys.


Ahemdabad, Gujarat

Loved the adventure activities during the camping with rafting (16 km rafting session) trip in Shivpuri, Rishikesh. Thank you team Hillwaytravels for such a memorable experience in Rishikesh.

Sarita Biswal

Bhubhneshwar, Odisha

Wonderful campsite in Shivpuri near to Ganga Beach. Prefer to book in advance because if you come in the weekend there is a problem of availability of camps. Enjoyed night music, bonfire at Ganga river.


Faridabad, Uttar pradesh

Best services provided by the luxury jungle campsite. Thank to team Hillwaytravels who make our trip to Rishikesh awesome. They planned a complete trip for us at an affordable and made it memorable. Well done Hillwaytravels team.


Mumbai, Maharastra

Awesome camp in Rishikesh - Well bedded, cleaned and comfy tents and very near to Ganga beach. Camping summary - stay in tents, music, delicious food, bonfire (my favorite), riverside activities, sports, etc.


Coimbatore, Tamilnadu

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