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Kedarkantha Trek Package Details

Kedarkantha is a wonderful trek, with pretty campsites and stunning 360-degree views of mountain summits. You will come across snow around 10,000 ft, lying on the forest floor among the pine trees. The route to Sankri is one of the most beautiful drives in the Indian Himalayas. Kedarkantha in winter, the temperature during the day will be around 8-12 degrees and at night, the temperature will drop to -5 to -7 degrees.

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Kedarkantha Trek price

Kedarkantha is a 6-day trek located in Govid Pashu Vihar National Park in Uttarakhand. In India, Kedarkantha is a well-known trek. This place is popular among seasonal trekkers who want to experience its beauty. There are many reasons for its popularity in India. One of them is “The Summit Climb”.

It is believed that Kedarkantha Trek is related to the ancient Mahabharata script, which has mythological significance. The word Kedarkantha is a combination of two words, i.e. “Kedar” which is the name of the Lord Shiva, and “Kantha,” which means throat. There are many stories about this. Some believe and some don’t, but one thing is for sure it gives you inner peace and pleasure

Those who want to go trekking have to choose the season, but in this case, it is not important. Kedarkantha is an all-weather trek. In winter, you will find fresh, powdery snow. It’s an all-weather trek but known more for winter trekking.

It is situated at 3800 metres above sea level. It offers a thrilling trekking experience. Fringed with pine trees and adorned with snow, Kedarkantha Peak is one of the most sought-after snow trekking destinations in the country. From snow-capped Himalayan peaks to a frozen pond, meadows covered with snow to some of the other peaks, this trek can give all the marvels a trekker could wish for! It is ideal for trekkers and nature lovers.

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How To Reach Kedarkantha

For the Kedarkantha trek, one must reach the village of Sankri, 200km from Dehradun. Its distance from Delhi is 248 km. Once you reach Sankri, you can start trekking the next morning.

From Dehradun, you can get direct buses to Sankri from the bus station, near the railway station. The bus leaves early in the morning from 7am to 8am and takes 10 hours to reach Sankri. If you miss the early morning buses, you can take the Hanol bus which runs via Mussorie and gets down at Mori. From Mori you can take private taxis to reach your destination, Sankri village.

  • By Road: Dehradun is well connected to major northern cities. Bus services are available from Delhi to Dehradun. One can opt for semi-deluxe, deluxe and AC Volvo as per their budget and needs. It takes 10 hours for a highway bus to reach Sankri, and most direct buses leave early in the morning from Dehradun.

  • By Rail: Dehradun Railway Station is well connected to various Indian cities like Delhi, Lucknow, Kolkata, etc. You can also take an overnight train to Dehradun from Delhi.

Nandadevi Express – Train No: 12205

(Departure 11:50 pm , Arrival 5:40 pm)

Dehradun Express – Train No: 12687

(Departure 9:10 pm, Arrival 5:00 am)

Kedarkantha Trek Price

The Kedarkantha trek price is Rs. 6,500 per person. The price may vary according to the seasons. Our company HillWayTravels provides Kedarkantha trekking at very affordable price, we have expert guides who will be with you all the time for your safety and make your trek more safe and enjoyable.

Kedarkantha Trek Highlights

  • A walk of beauty, Kedarkantha provides photographers the perfect chance to catch snow falling from pine trees like magic.

  • Explore frozen Juda Ka Talab, once a place of Shiva’s meditation.

  • Experience the beautiful campsites with each camp site being unique in its own way, and not comparing any other camp site to its own.

The Journey Plan

Day 1 : Dehradun – Sankri (7-8 hours by road)

  • A drive from Dehradun will take you to Sankri, Mussorie, Kempty Fall, Nainbag, Purola, and Mori

  • Stay at the hotel.

  • It is possible to visit Sankri Vilalge in the evening.

Day 2:- Sankri – Juda-Ka-Talab (Shephard Camp, 3-4 hrs)

  • After breakfast, trek to Juda Ka Talab

  • A moderately difficult trail passes through a lovely forest of nature.

  • The journey will take approximately two to two and a half hours.

  • Tents will be provided for overnight accommodation.

Day 3:- Juda ka Talab – Kedarkantha Base (4 Hours)

  • Early in the morning, you can enjoy lovely views of snow-capped mountain peaks.

  • After breakfast, trek to Kedarkantha Base Camp.

  • Once you have reached your destination, you will be able to enjoy the open snow ground surrounded by trees.

  • Enjoy the view of Swargorohini, Bandarpoonch, and Kalanag Peaks.

  • Tents will be provided for the overnight stay.

Day 4:- Basecamp – Kedarkantha- Hargaon

  • From base camp, begin the trek to Kedarkantha. Kedarkantha can be reached in four to five hours

  • Himalayan mountains including Yumnotri, Gangotri, Kinner Kailash, and others with magnificent views

  • We have returned to Hargaon.

  • Tent up for the night.

Day 5:- Hargaon – Sankri

  • Trek back to Sankri Village after breakfast.

  • After arriving in Sankri, drive back to Dehradun. This is the end of the trip.

The following items are recommended for the Kedarkantha Trek

  1. Clothing made of wool, such as sweaters, thermals, gloves, caps, mufflers, socks, etc.

  2. Snow boots and hiking shoes

  3. Jacket that is windproof

  4. Poles for trekking

  5. Wear sunglasses with UV protection, apply lip balm, and carry a torch with extra batteries.

  6. Toothpastes, tissues, liquid soaps, sanitizers, and toothbrushes.

  7. Medications for headaches, stomach upsets, regular medications, bandages

  8. Chargers and power banks for phones

  9. Trekking pants, raincoat

  10. Photocopies of identification cards

  11. Energy bars, biscuits, chocolates, dry fruits, and ORS

  12. Extra memory cards for the camera

Tips for the trek

  1. The best way to ensure a hassle-free trekking experience is to plan your trek with a trekking company.

  2. To make the most of your trip, be sure to book your accommodations in advance if you are taking a vehicle

  3. It is possible to rent trekking poles and trekking shoes in Sankri

  4. If you are traveling during the peak season, please check the availability

  5. It is possible that there will be an issue with electricity in Sankri, so take extra batteries and power banks with you.

  6. Be sure to carry a suitable trekking backpack in which you can organize your belongings.

  7. Trains are more comfortable and on time than buses, so it is recommended to take them rather than buses.

  8. In Dehradun, there are no ATMs after Mori, so take out cash if you need it

  9. While trekking, take small steps.

  10. The trek is approximately 25 kilometers long through beautiful trails, so it is recommended that you bring a water bottle to hydrate yourself and take energy bars until the end of the trek.

  11. You will begin your trek around 3 a.m., so you will need a headlight. On reaching the summit, you will be able to capture the sunrise at 12,500 feet and see a 360-degree panoramic view.

Kedarkantha Trek Difficulty Level:

One of the easier treks in Uttarakhand, the Kedarkantha Trek climbs from 6400 feet to 12500 feet over 25 kilometers. The trek is a perfect introduction to trekking in the Himalayas for beginners. When you reach the summit, seeing the other peaks at eye level gives a soothing freshness, which is very satisfying.

Temperature and weather

Temperatures during winter range from 5 to 10 degrees celcius during the day. During the night, the temperature drops to 0 degrees to -10 degrees Celsius. During the first two weeks of December, there is moderate snowfall. Since the last week of December, the Place has been covered with snow that looks like blankets in every direction.

In January and February, the area will be covered with heavy snow and thick layers of snow. The sun can keep you warm during the day, but at night, the temperature drops and you become too cold. It becomes colder as you ascend.

From March to May. During the day, the temperature rises to 10 to 15 degrees and during the night, the temperature drops to sub-zero to -5 degrees. The weather is pleasant during this period.

Trekking permits

Permits are not required if you are traveling with a tour package, as they are responsible for arranging all permits and accommodations for a smooth and healthy journey. If you are traveling alone or with a group, you will need a permit. The product will be available at a checkpoint in Mori, Purola, and Natwa. Each day will cost approximately INR 50.

You can easily find a variety of homestays and hotels in Sankri. As Kedarkantha trek is the peak season, homestays are popular during the winter, especially in December and January. It is recommended that you make advance reservations or adjust in homestays. Rooms are readily available in other seasons. A few of the famous hotels are Rawat Guest House, Swargarohini Hotel, Hotel Orchid Inn, and Himalayan Homestay. You will be provided with accommodations if you are traveling as part of a tour package.

Here are some interesting facts about the Kedarkantha Trek

  • In the Himalayas, Kedarkantha offers the unique experience of reaching the actual summit of a mountain.

  • There is a small sheeted shrine dedicated to Lord Shiva at the summit of the mountain. For pilgrims, this shrine enhances the sacredness of the site.

  • This trek is ideal for trekkers due to its clear skies and remote location. A majestic view of the Milky Way can be seen here and there, along with countless stars.

  • It is also an excellent spot for birdwatching with 200 species recorded in the area. You can also see thrushes, Himalayan monals and melodious birds.

Kedarkantha is not just a trek, but also a living museum full of myths and nature’s wonders. The historic trek can be experienced through universal adventure, where every view has a story and every scene speaks. You will carry with you not only wonderful memories but also timeless tales of Kedarkantha as you return home.


How to reach Dehradun?

Base Camp to Kedarkantha Summit | Trek Distance: 6 km | Duration: 6 – 7 hours

Mode Of Transportation:

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